Management faces task of student's demand for digital learning. Shortage of good resources forcing Management to adopt to new technology based training.

Corporate find it difficult and cumbersome for uniform Training of human resources personnel, partners and customers spread around the country.

Government needs to take Tele Education to train remote students in rural areas who do not have access to the best faculties.

Faculties do not offer a uniform methodology of teaching and need to represent same content several times.

Students do not get to review courses anytime anywhere and learn at their own pace.


A technology based central online system is the need of the hour to create a uniform content, impart the training, reach out to wider segments and facilitate accelerated learning.

Product Flow



To create a digital platform of the future keeping pace with student demands.
Review training methodologies
Conduct Guest lectures and lectures from collaborating institutions


To use the recorded lectures to avoid recreating content.
Store all course wise modules including documents.
Conduct Online tests and evaluate automatic result reports.
Conduct webinars for iteration


To access recorded classroom lectures for
- Missed classes
- Reviewing the lectures, especially during examinations
To study course modules, take online tests and get certified digitally.
To access curated & relevant content from the World Wide Web.
To Collaborate with fellow students spread across the Globe
To access the digitally archived Lecture content including videos, presentations, documents, etc. from some of the best trainers from the current or the past recorded in local accent and / or colloquial language for easy understanding.
To attend Live classes or special lectures


An initiative of A&T

A & T has been the pioneers in providing Digital Learning Solutions to some of the most reputed institutions in the country for over a decade. Brickyard is the amalgamation of its experience, expertise and learning outcomes. It is poised to revolutionize the way student learn and trainers train.

Brickyard offers an end to end integrated Digital Learning Platform. Teaching and training online becomes easy and engaging with us. Our Solution helps your institution to set up & start delivering live online learning within minutes.

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